Cancer Care for Pets

Cancer Care for Pets

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Who is Eco-Friendly McMinnville

McMinnville has many people who are involved in grassroots initiatives to enhance troubles, and eco-friendly McMinnville has attracted a few very dedicated folks who offer quite a few their personal time.  there are many extra human beings than indexed here who volunteer, however these are participants of a middle institution who come to the conferences the first and 2d  Mondays of each month and help on committees and occasion activities. join us!

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A diagnosis of cancer brings with it feelings of overwhelming fear, a spiraling sense of loss of control and most devastating of all the loss of hope.  This occurs regardless of whether the patient is a human family member, friend or a precious pet.  When we face the diagnosis fo cancer in a beloved pet it is even more difficult, for we must make important and life changing decisions for creatures that rely totally on our own judgments for their well being.  These precious animals not only share our homes, our lives, our experiences, but they share our hearts.  With their unconditional love and through our own decision making process we hope to provide for them the quality and dignity of life which they deserve.  Seeking the most appropriate care for our friends is the very least we can do as a response to their love and affection.  At Angel Care Cancer Clinic for Animals we recognize the importance of pets in our lives.  Our cancer care program is aimed at providing information, options for care and treatment of pets with cancer and support for the individuals and families.